How To Take Care of Your Yacht

Seasonal, monthly and daily boat care practices are vital to caring for your vessel. Proper boat maintenance will extend the life of your boat and eliminate the need and frequency of costly emergency repairs, and will ensure the safety of all those onboard as well. The following tips will help to take good care of your boat.

1. Wash your boat

This is the first and simplest task to perform, and it needs to be done regularly. If the vessel is in salt water, rinse it thoroughly with fresh water after every trip. Doing this helps to remove salt residues.
Salt corrodes metal and fasteners and destroys other hardware also. It also dissolves the gel coat if left for long periods. You need to use good quality soap with a soft-bristled, long-handled brush. You also need to use marine boat wash.

2. Change the oil

Boats also need an oil change just the way cars do. Stern-drive, four-stroke inboards or outboards require a regular oil change and the frequency depends on the model of the boat. A good rule of thumb is to change the oil every 100 hours of operation, or at least once a year. There are not many boat oil shops around. So you may have to do it yourself or visit a local dealer.

3. Check the propeller

If you have a sterndrive or outboard boat, you need to verify the propeller before launching it. You also need to remove the propeller using a deep well socket several times in a year. You may have to remove discarded fishing lines if they are wrapped around the propeller shaft. You also need to inspect it for dents, nicks, and other damages, and repair it if it shows signs of an impact.

Taking good care of your boat will take you a long way in preserving your sportfishing yacht. If you don’t have a boat and are in need of one, you can buy it from dealers such as Dixon’s Marine Group.


La Maison, Santorini

If there's one restaurant that I want to tick off my bucket list, and hopefully soon, I want it to be La Maison in Santorini. Santorini is one of my dream destinations, not only because of its dramatic views and stunning sunsets but also because the volcanic islands' history are so intriguing. And I wanna walk on the cobblestone streets of what they call as the most romantic place in Greece.

Santorini has become a popular wedding destination of couples. I won't be going there to get married since I just recently tied the knot. But I'd like to spend some quality time with my husband in place that's literally away from everyone else, especially from work. Santorini has that charm that captured my heart - sun, sea, and a relaxing vibe.

Just take a look at these photos that I got from the web (no copyright infringement intended):

La Maison is located in Imerovigli, a small resort town which they say as having the most stunning view of the sunset and magnificent view of the island's scenery. Imerovigli has a lot of restaurants offering fresh fish and vegetables and La Maison seems to be a very cozy place for a romantic dinner with my husband.

I love how relaxed the ambiance is, I wouldn't feel intimidated but I'd definitely expect a sumptuous meal from Chef Ioannis Pafitis. I'd like to try their pork loin in honey sauce and I also want their fish dishes. I've seen some photos in their Facebook page but I didn't see the description of their dishes. I also could not find their menu but I've seen a review of La Maison's chocolate lava and I think that it's really good.

I just hope that the reviews posted on websites were in English, or at least properly translated in English so I could understand, like if the websites used translation software. Sometimes, Google translate is just too plain and literal, and some sentences don't make any sense.

Wining and dining at La Maison is definitely on my bucket list. And I want to tick it off soon. Cheers!


Choosing The Perfect Coffee Maker

If you aren't actually awake until your first cup of coffee, it's important that you buy a good, high-quality coffee maker to perk you up and prepare you for the day. But how can you tell the difference between excellent and good enough? Here are three tips for finding that perfect coffee maker.

1: Determine Your Budget
While you can find standard, single-drip machines for under $20, the price of fancy coffee makers can quickly escalate into the hundreds. Decide right away how much you're willing to spend to make a great cup of joe.

2: Form A Shortlist of Desired Features
Unless you are prepared to shell out major bucks for a five-star coffee maker, you'll probably need to prioritize what you want most in terms of features, preferences and add-ons. For example, do you like pods or percolators? Will you be dark-roasting a lot of your beans? Do you need espresso making capabilities?

A percolator from my previous post.

3: Read The Warranty

Since coffee makers are usually turned on with bleary eyes and one hand, it isn't at all uncommon for things to go wrong. Before you commit to a purchase, make sure you've read the fine print and understood what can and can't be guaranteed, replaced or refunded.

These are just three things to consider when looking for a coffee maker. There are many more, but you won't actually fall in love with a machine until you've felt it with your own hands, so get out there and go shopping!