Cucina Ilocana | Bagnet

Remember our first visit to Cucina Ilocana where we talked about that hot salad? We visited Cucina Ilocana one more time to try their Bagnet.

What is BAGNET?

Bagnet P160.00

Bagnet is crispy pork belly. What makes it different from the traditional pork chop or lechon kawali is that bagnet is cooked twice: first, it is cooked in boiling water; second, it is fried in cooking oil under the desired crispiness of the pork skin is achieved.

Cucina Ilocana's bagnet did not disappoint. The pork skin was crispy and crunchy, cooked without drying the meat.

What's the best partner for bagnet other than rice? What we ordered is not just your ordinary steamed white rice. We ordered Maregmeg Rice. Maregmeg rice contains tiny pieces of Ilocano chorizo.

Maregmeg Rice P50.00
For dessert, we had brownie alamode

Bownie a la Mode P85.00
Again, it was a satisfying treat at Cucina Ilocana. The food is good and the prices are within our budget. We'll be trying other dishes next time. Come back for more Cucina Ilocana posts from Swexie.me.


  1. Oooh bagnet. And the rice looks good enough to eat by itself.

  2. Eek I haven't eaten a bagnet before and it's my first time to know what it is. I don't think I can eat it as well given that it's pork pala hehe.

  3. My hubby absolutely loves brownie a la mode! Bagnet does look as close to lechon kawali as possible that I'd probably can't tell the difference when see either one. :)

  4. I'm not a big fan of bagnet, but I'm not sure if it's just because what I've tried before isn't that good XD Anyway, the brownie a la mode looks so yummy!

  5. the chorizo rice looks good! funny that we cook our lechon kawali the same way here in Negros or maybe our cook has Ilocano roots? heheh

  6. I wanna try the bagnet! I'm sure it's better than the regular lechon kawali. :)

  7. where's this bagnet place? bagnet is a fave but I have yet to try a Maregmeg rice, looks masarap :)

  8. I miss that crispy fried pork belly.


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