La Maison, Santorini

If there's one restaurant that I want to tick off my bucket list, and hopefully soon, I want it to be La Maison in Santorini. Santorini is one of my dream destinations, not only because of its dramatic views and stunning sunsets but also because the volcanic islands' history are so intriguing. And I wanna walk on the cobblestone streets of what they call as the most romantic place in Greece.

Santorini has become a popular wedding destination of couples. I won't be going there to get married since I just recently tied the knot. But I'd like to spend some quality time with my husband in place that's literally away from everyone else, especially from work. Santorini has that charm that captured my heart - sun, sea, and a relaxing vibe.

Just take a look at these photos that I got from the web (no copyright infringement intended):

La Maison is located in Imerovigli, a small resort town which they say as having the most stunning view of the sunset and magnificent view of the island's scenery. Imerovigli has a lot of restaurants offering fresh fish and vegetables and La Maison seems to be a very cozy place for a romantic dinner with my husband.

I love how relaxed the ambiance is, I wouldn't feel intimidated but I'd definitely expect a sumptuous meal from Chef Ioannis Pafitis. I'd like to try their pork loin in honey sauce and I also want their fish dishes. I've seen some photos in their Facebook page but I didn't see the description of their dishes. I also could not find their menu but I've seen a review of La Maison's chocolate lava and I think that it's really good.

I just hope that the reviews posted on websites were in English, or at least properly translated in English so I could understand, like if the websites used translation software. Sometimes, Google translate is just too plain and literal, and some sentences don't make any sense.

Wining and dining at La Maison is definitely on my bucket list. And I want to tick it off soon. Cheers!

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