What to do in Boracay

Boracay is widely known for its powdery white sand beaches and nightlife. What could Boracay offer to someone who is not fond of night life and has been to hundreds of beaches in her lifetime? Below is my list of to-do activities while you're in the Philippines' top 1 beach destination.

1. Get a braid. It's the first thing that I did when I arrived. And I sported the look for 3 days, even had my braids on when I went home to Davao. This would cost you from P100 to P450 depending on the style. My braid prepared me for the other activities that I did on the island.

2. Wear your skimpiest bikini. I was never the conservative type when I'm on the beach. But I also do not wear anything compromising. But when I was in Boracay, I had the best excuse to wear my most revealing swim suit. And nobody cares, really. You won't be judged, promise, as long as  you stand by the standards of decency.

3. Buy from the local wet market. You will get the freshest seafood from the Talipapa. It's located at Station 2. There you can choose from a wide array of delectable seafood. There are a handful of restaurants in the Talipapa who would gladly cook your food the way you want it. It's way cheaper than dining in restaurants and you're assured that you're eating fresh seafood.

4. Watersports. Need I say more? I have to say that I agreed to go to Boracay because I was excited about Banana Boat, Fly Fish, and Parasailing. There are a lot more water sports other than what I mentioned. It was the Fly Fish that I enjoyed the most. And I also learned a valuable lesson: don't wear jewelry when you're at the beach!

5. Go to an adventure park. Odd it may seem, but there's an adventure park in Boracay that not everybody knows about. It is named Happy Dreamland Theme Park. It is particularly good for those bringing kids as there are several attractions that they will surely enjoy. One of the most exciting activities that you can do is the guided ATV ride uphill that will bring you to a good spot overlooking the island.

I hope you will have a good time in one of the best beaches in the Philippines (or the world?). Boracay is a really beautiful place. Let's keep is beautiful.

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